With Daina Patel


In this pillar, you will learn how to go through proper movements before starting to do any workouts, as well as stretches and simple ways to include movement into your busy day without working out.

You will also learn how to strengthen your body to support your back and core as well as learn how to fit movement easily into a busy day. You’ll be feeling stronger and more mobile in no time!


In this pillar, you will discover how to balance meals, learn the basics of nutrition, and learn what type of foods to stock your pantry with, and so much more.

You will also learn which foods lower inflammation and which increase it, following a predominantly whole foods plant-based diet which you can customize for yourself

​You will also learn how to include anti-inflammatory foods into your diet and be able to make meals that taste good – and do it fast.


In this pillar, you will discover ways to change your mindset, manage stress, get the best sleep.

You will also learn how to set up your workstation and improve your posture all to contribute to less inflammation and pain.

Meet Daina

Founder of the Feel-Good System for Women with Back Pain

Hi, my name is Daina Patel. I’m a chiropractor and the Founder of The Feel-Good System. I created this system so that women didn’t have to rely on gyms, meds, or weekly treatments that never seem to end. My passion is to empower women to help their chronic back issues so they can do more of what they love.

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